Sunday, 18 January 2009

Having seen the forecast for this weekend, hubby and I decided to batten down the hatches and get the wood-burning stove going. Ours has an oven in the top, so I cobbled together a lmb hotpot (more hotpot than lamb - but very tasty) and put it in the little oven. After an hour of burning just little waste sticks found in the garden we had a very yummy meal. Also we did not have to use any electricity to cook it. Simple and cheap!

I have managed today, with hubby, to clear all the logs that we have been given and have been cluttering up the patio. The log store is well and truly stuffed. Half of it is for next winter. They have to be seasoned, I am told. I seem to be learning a great deal. I then spent some time wielding an axe to chop up some kindling. What fun! Actually we have quite a few friends who seems to be chopping down trees and don't want the wood. It's all free. I just spend quite a bit of time collecting it. Still I am developing some impressive muscles.

This is a pair of curtains that I made recently for a client. I just loved the fabric. They look so bright and cheery on a winter' day ( or any day for that matter!). I only wish I had another room in my house so that I could use the fabric.


  1. Mmmmmmm, lamb hotpot done on the fire, I soooo want to get one - we're saving up! looking forward to more growing tips! xxx

  2. Your stove looks amazing, you've made me want one now too! I've got plenty of spare windows!! Only Joking! Love Sal x

  3. The curtains look really good and so does the material - it is a nice feeling when you have put in all that effort and it looks good - I bet your client was pleased.

  4. Gosh I am new to this blogging. I have spent this afternoon reading many of them listed on doolallysally (yours amongst them)
    I was pleased to see the same background on your blog as mine(mine only started on sunday so little to see but have a peek-
    I will be following your blog from now on.