Sunday, 4 January 2009

Finally I have got around to start writing a blog. I have been meaning to do this for ages but the start of a New Year has forced me to get writing. After a lovely Christmas spent with daughter + new husband, son ( who managed to write off our car 3 days before Christmas), mother-in-law (who has more energy at eighty than I will ever have) and hubby, who has spent the last 3 weeks with the lurgy, it is now time to put down what makes me tick.
The seed catalogues have arrived, although I still have a many packets left over from last year. First rule of simple living. Do not spend money on things that you already have. The seed packets all have 'use by' dates on them and as far as I have found out, the only ones that do not keep are parsnips. Hopefully as I get this blog going lots of photos will appear of veggies growing in our garden.


  1. Which veggies do you recommend planting at this time of year? We too have a very small area for a vegetable patch.

  2. Once the ground has softened there is no reason why a few shallots cannot be planted. I also have some early peas(Feltham first)growing in the greenhouse in large pots. You can always start them off on a sunny window sill.Also salad leaves ( or cut and come again lettuce) can be grown in old veg. containers on a window sill. This can be added to sandwiches. We love the spicy range of salad leaves.A definite must to a cheese or ham sandwich!

  3. I look forward to seeing your vegetables growing happily away. I too am looking at my seed catalogue and my mum has just got an allotment so we are being thrifty and sharing packets of seeds, that way we don't store any for next year and could try new varieties.
    I hope to get some photos on my blog of my vegetable patch-when I venture up the garden to take some that is!