Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Few Days Away

During half term, hubby and I went for a few days away to the delightful little Norfolk town of Holt. If you ever want to be inspired by crafts and a simple way of life, Holt has it all. As an extra special treat we stayed at Byfords ( We were made to feel really at home at this beautiful B&B. The food was great and the bedroom was out of this world. We even had our own sunken bath!

During our time in Norfolk we discovered that it was 'Open Studio' throughout the county. We would be driving along a country lane and suddenly come across a sign directing us to a studio which was open for visits. ( All free!) The studio above was a glassmakers (in an old railway carriage). Chris (the artist) was a charming man and it was not long before we were tempted to buy something. ( More in the next blog)
Each night at Byfords, as you wend your way up to bed, you find on the landing a jar of homebaked choccy-chip shortbread cookies. We were always so full after our lovely meal to eat them that evening, so we saved ours for the morning to go with the first cuppa of the day.

Although we only went away for 4 days, we both can honestly say that we feel as if we have had a whole weeks holiday. The only problem is that we are now suffering from sensory overload. But what a lovely problem to have!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Slipper Making

Just before Christmas I booked myself on a felt slipper making course with Gillian Harris at What fun! I met some great people and rediscovered an old skill that I had more or less forgotten. However, under Gillian's great tuition, I was able to make a pair of funky slippers. Above you can see one of the layers.
I had to bring the slippers home to finish. Here is the final product. Hubby has decided that he would like a pair of purple ones. (He does have a pair of purple Doc Martens!) Also H (my daughter) clapped eyes on them when she was visiting last weekend. I nearly lost them. The only problem is that now the weather is warming up, my feet tend to get rather warm in them.
I loved the whole experience and have booked to go on two further courses with Gill. Hatmaking and bagmaking. Also, as I now know how to make the flowers, I have some ideas of my own. Watch this space!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Painting the old chair

I am sorry to all in Blogland that I appear to have disappeared recently. Life! Mine is definitely not simple. I may have to change the name of my blog name. However, at one manic point last weekend, hubby thrust sandpaper, paintbrush and pot of paint into my hands and told me to have a break outside and do something instead of work. A very different thing for me to do. This old chair has been with for us for about 20 years and I have always been meaning to do something with it. In fact in recent weeks we have moved it into our dining room so that I kept tripping over it to remind me to do something.

I finally finished it and I am really pleased with the results. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed creating something for myself instead of making things ( curtains) for everybody else. That is what simple living is all about. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a new adventure. Hooray!