Monday, 29 June 2009

Pizza in the Garden

This is our pizza oven! Actually it officially belongs to hubby as the family gave it to him for his birthday a few years ago. As you can imagine we did not use it a great deal last year, however we appear to be living off pizzas, each weekend, at the moment. It is always a great opportunity to invite friends in and this weekend was no different. As salad leaves are growing in abundance in the garden at the moment, pizza and salad is the dish of the day on most Saturdays and Sundays.

I also took this picture of our church yesterday morning. It looked so lovely and picturesque in the sunshine. Many of our good friends also attend and so it is like meeting family each Sunday. We even have a website:
Also I have said that I will send a special message to my young friend Ryan who has broken his leg, rather badly. To have the whole of your leg in a plaster cast is bad enough, but in this weather! He is being very brave and hopefully he will soon be able to start getting around in a wheelchair. So, get well soon Ryan and keep watching the blog!


  1. Oh home made pizza-lovely!
    The church looks pretty in the sunshine. Our school church has just reopened after being closed for 18 months after a fire. It is beautifully restored.

  2. Just popping by to have a nosey at your blog and to say thank you for commenting on mine and there I am confronted with a delicious looking pizza - very tempting. I'll be back to nosey some more - love your sewing thread whatsit on top of your chest of drawers. Well done hubby.

  3. Sending get-well wishes to Ryan. And wow...I am seriously craving some of that pizza :)