Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Happy Spring Chicken

Our chicken are enjoying the first signs of spring. All of them are now laying, including this large light brown. She is five years old and her name is Tikka. I know. It does sound a bit odd, but she obviously is not too bothered. The eggs are delicious though.

It is that time of year again, when Hubby and I spend a great deal of time preparing the garden and the allotment for this season's produce. The only problem, is that we have not finished last season's. Still this cabbage and these leeks were very tasty with our Sunday lunch.
Last weekend I realised that it was the birthdays of some friends of mine. They are twins and they were ten. Having remembered my commitment to try and make as many pressies this year as possible, I decided to raid my fabric bin. An hour later. This was the end result!

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  1. Poor chicken being called Tikka; I suppose her surname is Masala...is that her destiny I wonder?! The produce looks sooo fresh and yummy and I love the bags, they came out really well! Love Salx